viernes, 1 de agosto de 2008

The ' mobile of bracelet

If always you have dreamed of having one of the spy's useless devices of the former series of television as Impossible Mission or Superagent 86, or the clock with which Michael Knight was calling Kitt, this one is your gift for the near(next).

His(Her,Your) price, to the change, is of approximately 884 Euros, weighs only 100 grams and measures 38.3 × 76.7 × 17 centimeters.

Day of the Democracy

on January 23, 1958, a civic - military movement demolished the government of Marcos Perez Jiménez, who would leave the country with course to Dominican Republic on board of the presidential plane the " Sacred Cow ". On January 23, 1958 it(he,she) meant the end of a regime(diet) based on the predominance of the power and the military domination that began in 1952 until 1958 with the personalistic government of the dictator Marcos Perez Jiménez. That day the Venezuelan people(village) joined to remove of the power the dictator and to restore the democracy.

Declaration and signature(company) of the Record of the Independence:

On July 5, 1811 the Congress declares solemnly the Independence of Venezuela, " in the name of All-powerful God ". On this day, the first congress that represented our people(village) signed a document called record. In him(it) he(she) was declaring himself(herself), the independence of our mother land.

You complain of the parents

Teenagers in the age of the Counter Strike
An investigator(researcher) of the Faculty(Power) of Psychology coordinated different studies on the phenomenon of the teenagers who fill the cibers to play in network(net) with the computers, across Internet. According to his(her,your) results, the video games allow to the young men to develop capacities of thought and to answer more rapidly to the stimuli.
As a new fever that spreads over the principal cities of the country, the places of cibers meet invaded day after day by groups of young men(women) who come to play in network(net) across Internet. Teenagers seeing (and also major) devastating with a machine gun everything what puts on him ahead on the screen is a common scene of our days. Parallel, there grow the complaints of many parents worried by the consequences of a couple of meetings of his(her,your) children in the Counter Strike, Quake Arena, Warcraft or Age of Mythology, between(among) some of the most popular games.

domingo, 27 de julio de 2008

You eat with vegetables

They place you eat them to boiling in water during 10 min.
Despues that are boiled the shell removes itself them and they are punctured in cuadritos small.

The vegetables are punctured in small pieces. They place in a frying pan to slow fire and it(he,she) re-turns(re-becomes) with a spoon, butter is placed. After this they are left in the frying pan for 5min and already estan list to eat.

Do it and enjoy them!

This one is the invention of the year!!!!!!

IPOD nano with Internet system and with calculator to the back ...


Nourishment and battery :
rechargeable Battery of ions of lithium integrated(repaid) · Time of reproduction or Time of reproduction of music: up to 24 hours when it(she) is completely loaded or Time of reproduction of video: up to 5 hours when it(she) is completely loaded · it(he,she) is loaded by the computer by means of USB or by an adapter of current (it(he,she) sells separately) or rapid Load: in 1,5 hours approximately (it(he,she) is loaded up to 80 % of the capacity of the battery) or Load completes: at approximately 3 hours, Calculator and Internet system...


· Earphones · Response of frequencies: from 20 to 20.000 Hz · Impedance: 32 ohms .

Entry and exit

· Conector for Base Dock · Takes for earphones estéreo of 3,5 mm

· Reproduction without jumps · Response of frequencies: from 20 to 20.000 Hz · compatible Formats: AAC (from 16 to 320 Kb/s), protected AAC (of the iTunes Store), MP3 (from 16 to 320 Kb/s), MP3 VBR, Audible (formats 2, 3 and 4), Apple Lossless, AIFF and WAV · Limit of volume configurable for the user .

German, Czech, simplified and traditional Chinese, Korean, Danish, Spanish, Finn, Frenchman, Greek, Hungarian, Englishman(English), Italian, Japanese, Dutchman, Norwegian, Pole, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish and Turk · Aptitude to prove to be information relative to title(degree), album and artist in Bulgarian, Croatian, Slovak, Slovene, Rumanian, servio and Ukrainian .

Content of the box:

· iPod nano · Earphones · Cable USB 2.0 · Dock's Adapter · rapid Guide

Screen · Screen of liquid crystal of 2 inches (in diagonal) with retroiluminación white and blue · Resolution of 320 for 240 pixels to 204 p/p Dimensions and weight · High: 69,8 mm · Width: 52,3 mm · Fund: 6,5 mm · Weigh: 49,2 g.

Video compatible Formats:

video H.264, up to 1,5 Mb/s, 640 for 480 pixels, 30 stills per second and version simplified of the basic profile of H.264 with sound estéreo AAC-LC of up to 160 Kb/s, to 48 kHz, in the formats .m4v.mp4 and .mov; video H.264, up to 2,5 Mb/s, 640 for 480 pixels, 30 stills per second and basic profile up to(even) 3.0 with sound estéreo AAC-LC of up to 160 Kb/s, to 48 kHz in the formats .m4v.mp4 and .mov; video MPEG-4, up to 2,5 Mb/s, 640 for 480 pixels, 30 stills per second and sound estéreo with basic profile in AAC-LC of up to 160 Kb/s, to 48 kHz in the formats .m4v.mp4 and .mov.

martes, 3 de junio de 2008